Monday, May 07, 2007

My New AddictioN

Dhiya umairah
(all pics are rights reserved!)

To my fellow multipliers, i'm sorry if i didn't managed to reply to your comments.The prob is, i NEVER blog in my multiply account anymore.The setting of my multilply account is such that they will upload whatever entries I have in my blogger account.So pls, pls, pls again i apologised if i've never attend to your replies anymore.Since i cldn't access my multilply a/c in office anymore, surfing the net at home is a no-no for me unless its due to urgency.(too much chores to do while at homelah!)

So if u wanna leave any comments, do leave them at my blogspot instead.Thks muchie!

now, i wanna continue oggling at Umairah..gawd!

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