Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yipeee!! Someone is back in the hse!! Sape lagi kalau tak Cik Marina kita.She really have a good time resting at home while of course looking after her adorable sweety daughter.Marina, just bring ur daughter to work lah, i can be her babysitter, Ain the twins.WE can be her GOD-MOMMIES.

what am i blabbering? The office seems quiet.Most of them have went to Ngee Ann Poly for the staff conference rehearsal.Gosh, I've to drag myself there this Sat.Thanks to "someone's" idea dat this conference thingy be held outside working hrs.But am glad that we'll be entitled to half day off. hmmpphh, let me see, when can i take a day off.

I'm lying rite if i say dat i'm not upset over what has happened?Of course, u can see me laughing, smiling, cracking jokes but well..the swell is still there & it may really take its time to heal.=)

okie, my fren is here to disturb me..its GiLa2 time! till then ....byeeeeeeee!!!

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