Thursday, February 16, 2006

Knowledge Conference

A ConfeRence 4 ExCELLent SerVice?

My half day was spent attending the AVA annual Knowledge Conference on Service Excellence which was held at the URA Function Hall.
U see, we Singaporeans are really damn lucky coz the Government is always there to come up wif loads & loads of campaigns-to urge us to be courteouslah, to drive the frontline officers to go the extra mile (Go-the-Extra-Mile-for-Service =GEMS..errr..) etc. Do we HUman Beings need to be spoonfeed on the very basic courtesy?
As mentioned in the opening speech which was delivered by our dear QS Manager, Dr Hilda Loh,quote "Some of you might ask, why is there a need to provide good service since we are a statutory board and not a private company? The public service in Singapore plays a key role in the lives of Singaporeans and the quality of service we provide contributes to the competitiveness of our economy. Businesses and the general public are not just comparing our service delivery with what they receive overseas; they also compare the quality of public services they receive with that from the private sector." emm...which leads me to come our wif a formulae: Very Good service = $$. True? Hee..hee...
however, i shld applaud the AVA Quality Service Functional Committee (QSFC) coz they are really making the effort to be in line with the Government GEMS to nurture us (the AVA staff).
ON top of that we had an invited trainer from IBMEC who deserved a special mention coz his talk was really enriching & interesting.Its a break-free from the classic conference talk. His name-Mr Nathan. Well, his name is lengthy enuff so i guess once i found it out i'll keep u guyz informed.
I received several mentions during the conference since i was wearing a bright orange tudung today & i think this captured the trainer's eyes..=)
Apart from all & Liana managed to take a snapshot of ourselves & the trainer...

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