Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ThaNk YoU

ThaNk YoU

I'm back!!
Alhamdulillah. I've been blog hopping but i've not been blogging thou. Its either I'm too occupied in the office or at home.

-My beloved Grandad , aged 85,passed away pacefully on 12 Dec 2005 after being in a coma for more than a week.Pneumonia.He was my only Grandad left.When i was small my parents make sure that we,one family would sleep over at our grandparents' place at least once a month.Though it was a bit squeezy back then, we did enjoyed those moments.I would spent hours just to listen to his never- ending-repeated tales.A quiet yet a firm man.I couldn't show his foto here coz he just hate to take foto.Even when he was bedridden & couldn't see (his eye ops failed) he knew very well if i wanted to take his pic. If i wanna dig back all those memories back i think it would just bring tears to my eyes. I hope he's placed in the jannah.Amin.
During this period, i must say dat most of my frenz (u noe who u r) were there for me.Esp my bosses who gave me lot of space to breathe, forcing me to take care & handle things slowly.
Special thanks to Ain who listened patiently to my whinings & complaints. The fact that she listened brought peace to my mind.At least it calmed me down. Thks Ain.Guess she's always my prime target if i need to vent things out since we worked on the same floor.
Not forgetting my best fren who was there to accompany me.Indeed she too, was patient wif me. Thks Kursiah.
To Paran-thks too for ur advise.At e same time just hope dat ur Mom will recover soon.

To dat special someone out there,thks for pampering me all these while. Thks too for being there for me.Oppss, can't reveal much of dis personlah.All i can say, after 2 solid yrs of shutting myself up, i must say this person really works hard to break open dat 'door'.*grin* Dear,thks for everything!!

Dear-thks for the bears!

To all my frenz-thks again for being there. You guys are beautiful...=D

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