Friday, July 15, 2005

dreamy me


Dear Bloggers

I've not been blogging for quite some time.With my PC @ home still down & me being quite occupied for the past few days left me wif no time to blog. Last Mon, 11 July 2005 my sis underwent a non-emergency operation. Well,doc diagnosed it as 'umblical abscess'(can tell me wads dis neway??) i noe it has something to do wif pus & infection.Up till now i still need to grasp the cause of the so-called infection.An to my upmost horror, the docs who operated on my sis 5 yrs ago accidentally left a stitch inside which i think eventually caused the infection.I was so angry,however, my sister calmed me down,telling me she shld be perfectly ok by then. On the day when my sis was discharged i requested to c the doc but he was not available. The onli way for me to get hold of him will be the day my sis goes for her medical check up then. Its not the matter of me being too fussy but this is the 2nd time the docs were careless. The other time was when my sis's appendix burst & it was onli after a few days the docs reacted to dis. I was left wif no choice when my sis was referred to dat hospital coz i was not there. Futhermore i was not there when my sis was admitted.duuhh.....heartpain.But syukur alhamdulillah,my sis was ok.Sayang kakak..
Problems at home have not been resolved. I hope all these wld not affect my Dad's health. I need to react fast. Ya Allah,help us to overcome this..
For those married men out there-i really hope u stay faithful to ur spouse..pls. U noe who u r. Stop inculcating me wif good values when u yourself couldn't even do a simple goody thing; to stay faithful to ur wife. Gosh,aren't there any good old man standing?
ok,dats all for now.
i just need to rant it out.

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