Friday, April 29, 2005

Ups & Downs

The UPs & DOWNs
Morning everyone.
Up:Woohh..the morning is very still here..quite spooky though.Aiyah,of course I'm not talking abt any haunted house,I'm talking abt my office.Today AVA is having its annual Staff Conference @ IPAm.Every AVA staff is supposed to attend.I'm attending the afternoon slot coz in the morning I've to man CEO's & my Director's another werds I've to be stuck to my seat for the whole morning.And when I answer calls I've to be more polite than usual.(pause)
Up: As i was going up the Control station(MRT),i noticed one of the staff was helping one lady with a baby pram to go down th escalators.I didn't realli noticed who asked or offered for help but one thing for sure the MRT guy was doing his job smilingly n happily.
Down: I was feeling realli lousy yesterday.I was feeling ok till lunch when Sumi broke me the news;dat some pple have been talking behind my back.Something which realli bother me-why these pple nvr tell me off on my face.Is it becoz I'm wearing dis wide all these while?Is it wrong to have my own fren to help me settle my ofis problem?Just because u c me sitting down wif someone in front of my pc dat doesn't REALLY mean i'm chit chatting wif dat person.Hello,i got better things to do huh.I really think those pple who have been talkin' behind my back were the ones who're havin' problems n have nothing better to do!!
Down: As i was on my way back home my younger sis wanted me to find for her a large plastic bag so dat she could put in her A2 artwerk which she's supposed to submit today.I painstakingly though tired,went to Popular to get her the long tube specially to keep your art pieces in it.When i went back home,she pulled a long face n told me i've wasted my $8 on stuff which she doesn't realli need.She would rather carry that damn A2 pieces rather than having them rolled nicely n kept in that tube.Farnie huh.I was aldy fuming wif anger.Its not the $ dat matters-at least you thanked me for getting u dat stuff afterdat u can throw dat damn thing away.Pls appreciate what i've done for you my sis.After mumbling to myself,i just couldn't bring myself to look at her.I was angry wif her but i'm mad dat i couldn't control my anger.Sorry adik. **hug hug**
Down: as i was sleeping,i thought i was crying in my dreams yet when i opened my eyes,i could feel the tears brimming in my eyes.A lot of things have been hammered to me recently n i couldn't take it.Though i tried to conceal my sadness but hey-its like telling urself its Monday when its actualli Friday.u get what i meant?
ok,i better get going...
thanks for reading my post today...=)
p/s thanks Uncle Hoi for your advice.
Kursiah-I miss u ok.I need dat hug again.

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