Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Smile Will Put ur Sorrow Away

[[A Smile a Day Chase the Sorrow Away]]

Hi everyone

Guess for the past few blogs I've sounded a bit sad,upset,disturbed...well,sorry guys,I couldn't help it.However,insyaAllah I'll sound more cheerful in future bloggings.Alhamdulillah.some of my prayers have been answered.I'm beginning to see a glimpse of light at the end of the dark tunnel..I'm almost there.

But b4 dat,let me just make myself clear,i dun hate anyone of u out there.As long as u like me to be around I'll be doubly happy to be around u guys.Unless u hate me to be around I'll be triply happy to be out of ur sight.

If some of u have noticed,I'm a bit secretive when it comes to discussing on things relating to relationships especially.I dun go around telling pple whom i'm dating rite now,which guy I dump last mth or which man has idolize me.Trust me,i won't do dat unless i've faith wif dat someone.I assume all these things are matter of the hearts n u can onli share them wif someone whom u trust as best & good frenz.

Its just so hard to 'look' sad these days.Well,once pple recognize ur cheerfulness & chirpiness all they expect from u all day long is a smile (at least) Once u potray dat 'sad' look,dats it ,pple will start asking-"Are u ok?","Eh Why??"..So to avoid all dat,one has to play mask everytime-wayang a bitlah.I've mastered dat technique well enuff.So even when I'm laughing out load,there may..MAY be possiblity dat inside me i'm cryin' out .Hee hee.Dats me.Of course,practice make perfect.If u NOE me,u'll understand dis whole process.Its a painful process at times but..hey..I'm what u c now...I'm PERFECTLY FINE.

ok guys..think I've blog enuff...
To WEE LING-I'm gonna miss u soon.How I wish u'll change ur decision & will still be in HQ.

To KURSIAH-y u nvr fail me to make me happy?? Well,for dat,u gain a penalty.Click here for more details. --->My Best Fren

To HUSNAWATI-kalau dah 'bede-bede' bilang tau!ehe.
take care everyone

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