Wednesday, April 06, 2005



Hi all.
Sorry for not blogging for the past few days.
As some of u have aldy noe-I'm on mc today.However,its onli @ 1100 i went off to c doc.I was on a slightly high fever(38 degree Celcius),sore throat & headache.The doc was great.Though young he gave me a thorough check up.Actuali i dun favour male doc as usually i would ask for a female one.However just now the queue for the female doc was quite long so the clinic assistant recommended me the male one adding that dis particular doc is a GOOD one.So I gave it a shot.The minute he saw my werkplace add,he started asking whether Im a culler or not....etc.i told him I was not involved yet but will be..soon.Yeah,for your info,dear blog readers,even though we are in the admin line,we wld still be involved in the culling exercise(if any).I escaped last year coz at dat point of time i was onli a few mths old wif AVA .My fren Noorain who also went to c the doc gave a thumbs up saying dat the doc has reali gave thorough check up and even went to the details of using an inhaler.
I noe,some of u out there must be wondering to whom did i directed all my blogs.Seriusly,how could i provide any explanation?These blogs were supposed to be MY journal.I got the right to say anything & everything.However,not what u've read summarised all the happenings.Sometimes,some things need to be kept to urself.At times I just need to vent my feelings,angers,happiness onto something-& dat will be thru blogging.Dis blog is not an intentional platform of disagreements,shoutbacks...but as a communication tool for u guys to noe me better; to understand my mood swings.So,to someone out there,THANKS for taking the time to read my blog.Thot u've long forgotten abt dis blogspot.
10 mins b4 Maghrib,me & dad had a short conversation.While he was reading his book,he told me how his eyesight has worsened.He used to be long sighted but now even he has problem seeing far.His short sightness has worsened & it seems dat he could not see well on daylight.Then he further on saying dat he'll turn 60 soon,getting old aldy.My eyes brimmed wif tears aldy.I'm unsure if his health status;coz at times he'll complain of his numb fingers,rheumatism,poor eyesight & constant coughings.I had asked him to stop smoking yet he told me once he stop werking he'll do dat.Neway,according to him,he reduce his habit aldy.
u c..its heart wrecking to think dat one fine day u would lose someone u love.I have loved my dad all these while & i won't stop loving him till the last bit of my breathe.I would do anything & everything to make him happy.Though i have lost my mood to continue my conversation wif him(coz i couldn't control my tears aldy) he asked me whether i still want get a car. i told him even though owning a car would be my greatest dream ( & also his) i have to tell him dat if i'm the sole owner of the car then it wld be a slight burden 4 me.
oppss,my headache is coming....
when i came to werk just now,i felt a slight difference.yeah,my neighbour cum auditor-Jude Lim Seow Wee has left.One by one pple whom i adore has left.Jude-dun 4get me yah.Visit us when u r free.
ok,me gotta go.Not sure if I've the energy to fold the clothes or not.

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