Monday, January 19, 2009

Gelagat si ComeL

17 Jan : It was supposed to be a group outing wif my dear frenz.However due to unforseen circumstances the outing was cancelled last minute.Since I 'm missing my dear god-daughter, Umairah, so much, me & Marina decided to meet up anyway. Our first stop was the Charles & Keith warehouse sale at Leng Kee Road.However, the sale turned to out to be disastrous wif not many 'low-heels' shoes on sale. even after 50% discount, the marie claire bags were pretty expensive.Dahlah, we need to climb up the hill to find a parking slot, we eneded up buying nothing! Since our tummies were aldy growling in hunger, apalagi, kita pegilah cekik kat Jurong East! Eating seafood in pairs needs lots of effort. After sometine, Marina was seen trying to push her food to me while i ended up forcing the food down my throat.But the food was nice anyway! After the dinner, I sprang a mini advanced bday celebration for my 2 lovelies. Bukan apa, takot tak dpt berjumpa on the birthday itself.There were many pics taken on that day but since im running out of time now, i'll just combine the pics into a few pages only. p/s Noticed the blooms on my first pic? They were the plants that I bought at Far East Flora previously (the ones dat i mentioned in my previous entry)

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