Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dripping her thots...

If yesterday was a bluey monday fer u, then today i think will be a cool sweet tuesday.blarrggh.
Almost every post dat i read to date has something to do with Mothers' Day.Its either they spent their their weekend wif their own family or in-laws.Its a relief to know that u peeps out there still care fer ur Mom.For dat, I salute u.But dun let MOthers' Day to be the only day that u appreciate ur Mom.They were the ones who brought u out to see this world & for that everyday shd be a Mothers' Day for them.

As for me, my weekend was spent quietly with my loved ones.Since my sis & bro in law cldn't spensd the weekend with us, we chose to have our own mini celebration.After soo long, i finally got to pull my Mom to catch a movie.Well, since its her day, i let her choose the movie that she's dying to watch.So, my Mom,sis & myself made our way to SB @ JE to catch 'Jangan Pandang Belakang'.All i can say, the movie was a total dissapointment.Go watch it if u dun believe me! If I'm to make comparison to Puaka Di Tebing Biru...i think JPB will have to admit a loser.However, still, thumbs up to Pierre Andrea for coming up with good scripts.(huh?!)
And on Sun, i insisted Mom not to cook.Actually, urs sincerely wanted to prepare for her Mom Fried Nestum prawns but since Mom craved to go to Geylang, i finally relented.(save jugak my energy eh!)

For the second time, yesterday, i had my long walk. I alighted at Lakeside & walked back home from there.The distance between Lakeside mrt to Boon Lay mrt is no joke, i tell u! But as I was walking, i managed to release some tension & relieving myself with the fresh air.Dun ask me why i did something silly but only me myself knew the answer.As much as i wanted to burn off the calories, i very much wanted to erase those thots.Yeap, those thots.

To all who loved me & never stop loving, thank u for being with with me yeah?

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