Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dr Jekyll or Ms Hyde?

Do u ever ponder if what u see its not what u actually look?
really..look again.just look whats in front of u..can u see it?
see with ur eyes but look with ur heart.
over the time i've seen who were my frens but as i look deeper..
i can then see my true friends.
naah,,i'm not crabbing here lah.Believe me pls.There are better crabs out there.hee hee.no pun intended huh.Sometimes i do wonder if blogging serves as a platform for ranting or bragging? i'm confused.Yeah, yeah, i've heard e saying "if u r not happy with e content of the post just stop reading" but..oppss..i better not elaborate then.=)
Marina: 11 or 18 May seems a good date for a good date with si merah-kemerahan?

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