Monday, March 05, 2007

In a daRk TunneL

I'm sooo frustrated!! juz bcoz i'm very nice with my stationery items didn't me YOU cld just take them away without my knowledge.omigod! even if i'm not at my desk u cld just left a simple note bhind.(i've loads of them on my desk!) actuali i didn't really noe who took them away. grrrrr!!! but actually who took them away?
My weekend was again spent at 3 jemputans + sis's house.Was glad dat finally my Dad's student, Supriyadi (or known to me as Ucop/Mutton Chop) tied the knot last Sat.Whaooo.Thou i did not attend the wedding dinner on Sat, me & family went to his 2nd wedding reception on Sun.$12 000 was his hantaran!! Dat has not include his wedding dinner & receptions on e 2 weekends yet.Fully sponsored by him.Well, its his $$ neway.I'm hepi for him.
In 2 weeks' time, my sis & bro in law will be officially moved out.thinking of it actually sadden me.thou my sis's presence in the hse may at times came unoticed (coz she always prefer to stay in her room), i'll definitely miss her.But on the other hand, i do hope she'll be more independent & start to build up her own family.I won't be posting the pixs of her new home yet but i'll promise to put them up in 2 weeks' time.
MasyaAllah, only God noes whats playing in my mind rite now.Dad has been the most understanding.Kept asking me if i'm ok.My 2 sisters have been cracking jokes just to keep me smiling.Mom? She too..has been quite soft with me these days.
Hope i'm strong enuff to face all these.I hope so.

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