Monday, October 31, 2005

Hari raya-off mode

Hari Raya-'Off' mode

I reached werk quite early just now. As usual, when i reached office, i do a quick flip of my TODAY n started to bz myself. 3 more days to go yet i still couldn't feel it.Yeap, i was hoping it will still be Ramdhan for the nxt 10 days.As my mind was floating, i was awaken by my boss's early entrance.She usually comes in at 0900hrs but today a bot early. As usual she started to ask me on my Raya's preparations bla bla bla. Think i was not at my perky mood so i wa lyke giving her a one-2-one Q & A. (read: Tanya sepatah,jawab sepatah)
Tonite i'll be collecting my cookies from Cik Shidah's house. Ok,now dat y all knew dat all cookies & snacks were not made by urs truly..kalau tak sedap biskut2 tu dun blame me eh. Some of my dad's students gave cartons of soft drinks, kek kukus, kek lapis..*thinking of all these food make me hungry plak..hee hee*

To my best fren..KURSIAH OSMAN..I miss ya like craZy..thot we an have our last Iftar together. gerL-learn to let go ok.* u noe i noelah*

Paran,Paran,Paran..cepat balik S'pore. I miss..miss..ur Murukulah..*chuckle*

My Raya pon cannot be enjoyed to the fullest coz I'll be having my Pergas exams for 2 consecutive Sundays..
ok,i wanna perform my Zuhur prayers dulu...

till then..SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to all bloggers out there...=D

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