Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pulling Thru

Pulling Thru

Hi all

I've not been blogging since. My PC @ home was down, things @ home seems unsettled.God-give me the strength to overcome dis.

I'm having mild fever rite now but staying @home will further increase my temp.As usual my Dad insisted dat i come to werk if i still can make it.(as usual)

To my best fren-pls take care @ ur new werkplace

To Putery Nora-Stop influencing me to do crazy things will you? =)

To Wee Ling- thks for ur string of advices. I'm afraid i'll miss dat once u r posted out.

To Diana-Welcome back!

Presenting to you, the CDD Angels...
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Nicey Rossiyah, Pretty Serena, CEO-Dr Ngiam, Petite Melin, Sporty Joyce, ME

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