Thursday, July 28, 2005

mini discussion

Small discussion

I met up wif Along aka Yati @ Jurong Library to complete our assignments on Ulumul Quran which is due nxt week.We purposely wanna complete it by dis week so dat in any case we did it wrongly we can always make last minute amendments.

Diam tak diam..its been going to 7 yrs since I joined Pergas.Alhamdulillah..bnyk ilmu yg telah ditimba.Its not the cert dat i'm going after but the chance to deepen my faith & knowledge on being a good Muslim..ameen...

ok..just some snapshots taken at the Library yesterday...

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Sumi..reading my nOveL

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Me & my classic smile...chehhh

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Yati-trying her very best to understand the subject.

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