Sunday, June 26, 2005

My weekend

How time flies.Its aldy Sunday & tml will be Monday!yucks..but not so badlah-i think i've had a good rest over the past 2 days.though i'm feelin' a bit feverish at times but i just put it aside.Must fully utilise my weekend mah.

I managed to go to the syarahan just now.Whaoo..long time never catch Ustazah Siti Rahmah in action.Her daughter pon dah grown up-very chubby.Ustazah delivered a very good syarahan just now-on silaturrahim.Padan muka org2 yg suka buang muka kat sini.Sometimes i just dun understand y my so called neighbours never aknowledge one another.Even a smile will do mah?Like what Ustazah said just now-we shared the same paip jamban,my ceiling is ur floor,my floor is ur ceiling-y must u mendabik dada.duuhh....couldn't stand it at times.Ustazah never fail to make us her laugh...=)

Yesterday also me,my mom & younger sis went to Arab st.Quite fun lah.thou its onli the 3 of us.Actualli me was upset wif dad-well he didn't lemme go to KL wif my sis & bro in law.Okie,but i respect his decision.I noe he had his reasons.But Dad-i make sure sept or oct i'll go 4 a short trip wif my best fren.(g mini kelantan lagik ke??)

ok..dah nak Maghrib.Have to perform my maghrib.Maybe i'll just go to Pasar Malam later to buy durians for the family.At the same time i just the catch the drumming xplosion-by the Stroj nearby.(reali enjoyed the Stroj's performance last Friday!!!)


Some snapshots...
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My classic pose

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My sis-so 'grumpy'lah dik!

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My mom-mcm solider

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Sultan Mosque-standing tall amidst the bustling Arab street

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